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  • Vintage: 2009

  • Name: Gioia del Colle DOC

  • Grape varieties: primitivo 100%

  • Alcohol content: 14%

  • Capacity : 0.75l

  • Ideal for consumption: 2019/2027

  • Recommended drinking temperature: 18/20 ° C

  • The ideal moment to enjoy: dinner with friends

  • Rating by Tannico: 9/10

  • Product type: red

  • The perfect accompaniment to: aged cheese, main courses with red meat, game

Gioia del Colle Primitivo Riserva DOC “Vanitoso” 2009 - Coppi

  • Arguably more well known by its alter-ego Zinfandel, Primitivo is a huge, ripe Italian grape which is the pride of the Apulia region in the south of Italy.

    Primitivo is a delightfully brash wine that's very dark, very juicy and very high in alcohol.

    The grape is thought to have originated in Croatia, where it is known as Crljenak (shill-ee-ah-nock). It was then brought to Italy, and on to the United States in the 1800s, where it thrived under the Californian sun.

    Primitivos are very well known for being full-bodied fruit bombs. Much like Californian Zinfandels they have a very high alcohol content on account of the grapes ripening quickly.

    Primitivo is a fantastic BBQ wine. It loves pulled pork, ribs, steaks and anything with a lot of flavor and a mild char to it. Pizza is another excellent choice with this fabulous wine.

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