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Terms of Service

1. General in Switzerland Uniplace AG (hereinafter “”) sells products and provides services, in particular via the website These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) apply to all legal relationships between and the purchaser of products and / or services from (hereinafter referred to as “customer”, and the customer together hereinafter referred to as “parties”). The customer guarantees that he is at least 18 years old at the time of his order. Any general terms and conditions of the customer are hereby excluded. Deviations from these terms and conditions are only valid if they have been agreed by the parties in writing or by email. If, in addition to these General Terms and Conditions, special contractual conditions from are applicable, the special terms and conditions take precedence over the present General Terms and Conditions, insofar as they contain provisions that differ from these General Terms and Conditions.

2 orders

All offers from are non-binding. With the respective order, the customer in turn submits an offer to which he is bound for 2 weeks after receipt by At the customer's request, can voluntarily cancel the order out of goodwill. After receiving an order, usually sends a confirmation of receipt to the email address provided by the customer. This confirmation of receipt only serves to inform the customer about his order and has no legal effect. The contract between the parties is concluded as soon as provides services for the customer (e.g. dispatch or handover of products to the customer) or an order confirmation is sent. All services to be provided by are conclusively listed in the delivery note and / or the order confirmation from The customer checks the documents created by, in particular invoices, delivery notes and order confirmations, within 5 calendar days of their dispatch (by post or digital) or handover. The customer shall notify of any discrepancies during this period, otherwise the documents are deemed to have been approved by him.

3 Procurement of products, cancellations, change of year is entitled to cancel orders at any time without giving reasons and / or to only partially fulfill them. In the event of a partial or complete cancellation of the order, the customer only pays for the partial service actually provided by is in no way obliged to procure products or specific vintages of wines. If intends to deliver a different vintage of a wine than the one ordered, informs the customer about the planned replacement vintage. If the customer waives the delivery of wine, any price he has already paid will usually be reimbursed within 30 days (reimbursement to the account details given by the customer after contacting All further claims of the customer from the business transactions mentioned in this section 3 are excluded.

4 Prices, costs and terms of payment and delivery

All prices are in Swiss Francs exclusive of VAT. Shipping and packaging costs will be charged to the customer separately (exception: free deliveries designated as such). is entitled to make deliveries in several parts. Such partial deliveries do not result in any additional costs for the customer. The invoice from is decisive for the agreed prices, costs, payment and delivery conditions or, if one is missing or incomplete, the confirmation of receipt of the order, or if one is also missing or incomplete, the confirmation sent to the customer upon conclusion Communicated prices, costs and payment terms during the ordering process. Regardless of the agreed method of payment, is entitled to deliver or place orders only against prepayment. hereby assigns to the customer any rights that has against the transporter of deliveries to the customer. In return, the customer bears the transport and delivery risk in connection with his orders from Invoices from are to be paid within the period printed on the invoice (from the invoice date) and without any deduction to the account indicated on it. Once the payment period has expired, the customer is in default. is entitled to the statutory rights of default.

5 dates

All shipping and delivery dates communicated by are used solely for the orientation of the customer and are not legally binding. If the dispatch of a delivery (or parts thereof) is delayed by more than five working days compared to the date communicated by, the customer is entitled to waive the delayed part of the delivery. Such a waiver is only valid if it is declared immediately and is received by before the delayed part of the delivery is dispatched. In addition, the customer has no rights against from exceeding shipping and delivery dates. If a successful delivery is not possible or is only possible under difficult circumstances for reasons for which is not responsible (e.g. wrong delivery address, absence of the recipient, missing access permit, etc.), the customer is obliged to return bottles -post in terms of assets as if the delivery had been successful (at least assumption of the shipping and packaging costs). In addition, section 3 and section 4.6 above apply.

6 Examination by the customer

The customer checks deliveries received from within 5 calendar days of delivery or collection and notifies of any visible defects or incomplete deliveries in writing or by e-mail during this time. After this period has expired, the deliveries received from and the scope of the delivery are deemed to have been approved by the customer.

7 Warranty, especially for draft wines, and liability

The warranty period for hidden defects is two years from the handover or delivery of the services to be provided by If the customer discovers that a wine bottle purchased from is faulty (hereinafter referred to as "Zapfen-wein"), this bottle will be replaced by under the following conditions (cumulative): a. The warranty period (Section 7.1 above) has not yet expired; b. the bottle is brought to by the customer immediately after the error is discovered or - after consultation and in accordance with the instructions from - sent to; c. the bottle is at least 2/3 full; and d. can also detect the error. replaces the cone wine under the conditions of section 7.2 above with an electronic voucher card with the value of the cone wine. This voucher card entitles the customer to order another wine from to the value of the voucher card. With the exception of the warranty rights mentioned in Sections 7.1 and 7.2, the customer has no warranty rights against The contractual and non-contractual liability of is, as far as legally permissible, completely excluded. In particular, is not liable for any personal injury and / or financial loss (direct or indirect, indirect or direct) and / or loss of profit. In any case, the guarantee and liability of is limited to the price of the relevant service from

8 Further provisions

Involvement of third parties is entitled to involve third parties to provide services, in particular other wine dealers.

Communication by email is entitled to communicate with the customer by email. The customer is aware that e-mails can be read by third parties. The customer bears all risks in connection with the transmission and delivery of emails. In particular, the customer is responsible for checking his inbox and spam folder regularly. An e-mail from is deemed to have been delivered to the customer at the time it is sent by the server used by to the e-mail address specified by the customer.

Use and danger
The benefit and risk of the services to be provided by are transferred to the customer when the services are left at the headquarters of or when the customer is notified that they are ready for collection (the earlier point in time applies).

Place of fulfillment
The place of performance for all obligations (of the customer, of and third parties) is the seat of

Severability clause
Should any provision of these terms and conditions be or become ineffective or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In the event that a contractual provision is invalid or null and void, it must be replaced by an effective one that comes closest to the economic purpose of the invalid provision.

Applicable law, place of performance and place of jurisdiction
Only substantive Swiss law is applicable to these terms and conditions. The applicability of the CISG is excluded. All disputes arising from or in connection with the contract between the parties, including those about its validity, legal validity, amendment or dissolution, will be decided by the competent courts at the headquarters of The court at the place of residence, seat or domicile of the customer is also responsible for lawsuits from and in the cases prescribed by law.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

Offline payments

Payment Methods
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